Friday, December 16, 2011

Hari Yang Indah

Hari Jumaat hari segala penghulu hari. Moga hari2 korang bermula dengan baikdan berakhir dengan baik harini. Kalau ada orang2 & benda2 yang menyebabkan kita rasa temper, cecepat istigfar & dont let it spoil yr day and ur whole weekend. Tapi kalau rasa nak legakan hati, lempang sket la orang tu, diwajarkan hihihihihi.

Today, nothing special for me...i just need to get some info and ideas for next week. There some contest i did share with u guys in facebook. Dah bukak ke? contest wey bukan suruh bagi duit hehee...ada untung menang kan? ok, let me share it again yer..bleh click kat sini nanti

1.  VW Polo, Gold or Passat CC driver contest - grand prize expense-paid trip to Germany

If you own one of these cars, you probably already know it’s a rewarding experience to be the owner of a sweet VW ride. It’s about to get even sweeter because Volkswagen is giving Polo, Golf or Passat CC owners some great rewards.

Just register your details with Volkswagen and complete a slogan. That’s it! You’ll then be in the running to win awesome prizes like an all-expenses paid trip to Germany, customized holidays and Macbook Pros!

Grand Prize (x2 winners) – All expenses paid trip to Wolfsburg, Germany, inclusive of RM10,000 cash

1st Runner Up (x2 winners) – Customised 3D/2N experiential holiday within Malaysia

2nd Runner Up (x2 winners) – 15” MacBook Pro

3rd Runner Up (x4 winners)- iPad2

2. The Impossible Missions Force contest - expense paid trip to Dubai for 2!

The Impossible Missions Force has been framed for bombing the Kremlin! Now forced to operate in the dark, the IMF needs YOU to go undercover on a secret online mission and help them out on a covert operation.

Join the Impossible Mission Force and go ‘Undercover’ on Facebook – complete your daily missions and win yourself an all expense-paid trip for 2 to Dubai!

MISSION : IMPOSSIBLE GHOST PROTOCOL – The most thrilling mission of your life!

Ok...enuff with iklan. Moga hari2 korang best yer harini

"Start every day off with a smile and get it over with"


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