Friday, December 23, 2011

I Want That Supermodel Look Too!

Awwww...who will say they never want it? Ntah...ada la kot jenis orang yang obsess dengan diri sendiri yang kata, alah ai lagi best dari supermodel tu hehehe. Takpe, abaikan saja mereka2 tu yer. Takde untungnya.

So apa yang best sangat dengan supermodel tu? dorang pun asalnya sama jer macam kita ni yer dak? manusia gak, tempat keluarnya pun sama, 2 kaki 2 tangan juaaa. Tapi kita nak la dorang punya secret potions hehee kan kan? Katanyaaaa ni yang perlu...

Foundation - They say it all depends on the groundwork, so super model beauty tips stress on the proper use of foundation. And the secret to it is to find one that is the closest to your natural skin tone. A lighter shade will give you an ashen look while a darker one will make you look painted. Okay, ai dah betui dah bab ni hihihi, cuma ghuper jer takde value supermodel huahuaaaa.

Concealer & Cucumber - a concealer helps them to hide away all those hideous dark circles. Cool slices of cucumber laid upon closed eyes for 10 minutes prior to foundation applications also works wonders.

 Vaseline - Vaseline Intensive Care lotion for dark under eye circles. senang jer nih hehe

Right eye makeup - The super model beauty secrets emphasize strongly on getting the eye makeup right. The eye makeup alone has the potential to project your desired look. The eye shadow used as eyeliner will give a soft, sensual look, while the liquid liner gives a more intense and dramatic look. Charcoal, dark brown or other dark shades of the eye-shadow make for a glamorous look. ok, normal day takyah la eyes shadow bagai. eyesliner and mascara will do kan kan?

Eyebrows -  However the truly super model look when it comes to the eye, is a pair of arched eyebrows. So a pair of tweezers and an eyebrow pencil are the must-haves in the make-up kit.

Definite Shape to Lips - super model beauty tips insist on the lip liner to give a definite shape to the lips. In fact, lip liners are considered essential for performing some corrective treatments. Thus, small ‘barely-there’ mouths can be given an illusion of volume with overlining while droopy-cornered mouths can be corrected with upward strokes of the liner. senang senang ni.

Powder - After the blusher routine, put on some translucent powder. As you sashay down the ramp amidst the glaring arc lights, this powder will help prevent that shiny look on your face. ohhh ni mesti touch gitu, buat selalu daah ni.

Hairstyle - Super model beauty secrets regarding hairstyle have only one thing to say: keep up with the latest trends. There’s nothing like a jaded and out-of-style hairstyle to make an entire ensemble fall apart. Most super models opt for long hair, whether it is naturally curly or straight, so that it is more workable and less limiting. bessstnya...tapi ai pakai tudung, takpe bleh jer hiasan dirumah. nanti2 kita citer cara2 pakai tudung lah plak hihihi.

canteknya rambut diaaa

Lastly,  they eat right and exercise right. And don't forget to drink water! Ni pada saya yang paling penting..lelagi air, stay hydrated.

Takde pun citer pasal perlu kurus nak jadi cantik cam supermodel hihihihi..boleh ajer kiranya, kurus tu bonus gitu blh pakai baju lawa2 kan? Jom cuba jom jom :)


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