Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ready For A Relationship?

Single single out there, wehuuuuuuuuuuuu. Dah sampai masanya nak semakkan fikiran after a long break, or maybe it never start at all. Eh, a relationship will bring somethg into your life. a messiness, layan karenah tak sudah, gaduh2an, curhat2an, and many more! Are you ready?...meh nengok. Harini ai jadi Dr.Love wahahahahaha.

Physically & Mentally Ready -  Uih nih paling penting, sebab pastu no turning back. kot nak pusing balik dia akan tinggalkan scar yang tak best yer. What is important, once you feel happier in your own skin, you'll be more ready for a new start.

Numbers Is Important - Apa tu? tak paham yer. Easy peasy okay. try building up your number of friends of both genders. Most of us find romance at work or through our network of acquaintances. If this isn't happening for you, you may need to extend your friendship circle. sonang baitu kan? Cara yang paling mudah, spend more time on leisure activities that you can enjoy. So u can speak to other individual that is totally stranger who like the same things. The more friends you have, the bigger chances you have of meeting that special someone. okay...apa lagi, get yourself a new hobby n interest n meet up more people! :) .

Approach Someone U Like - If you want to get to know someone better, a good ploy is to involve him or her in some group social event. Boleh buat in a group la kan...mayb pegi movie, bowling, watch teater, hiking, rock climbing, go concert etc. With luck you should be near the person you like and be able to talk together without the pressure of it being a 'date'. If things go well, you might progress for a cup of coffee. And even better, you'll probably feel ready to suggest a cosy dinner for two.Yahuuuuuuuu! kena cecepat sket la bertindak, jgn lembap2 yer hihihihi

Watch Out For A Sign - Senang jer...tengok body language. Bukan suma orang daring terus bagitau suka. Kalau pun ada yang camtu mau terkujat orang yg dengar tu hihihihi. When someone is interested in you it's likely there'll be lots of eye contact. As well as smiling, and if someone nods when listening to you, this means they are empathetic and pleased to be engaged in conversation with you. Jangan plak angguk2 pastu tertido hihihi..sergah jer skali org camtu yer :p.

First Date - Uih, ni memang peluh sejuk membuak2 kuar ni..ketaq paler lutut hehehe. Paling penting don't expect too much. All you really need to establish is that you are comfortable with the other person. Buat cam biasa2 jer. chewaaaaaah, ai pun ketaq2 gak dulu hihihihi. Kot takut sangat bawak la mak apak wakakakaka.

Ring Ring - If you've had a good time, there's no harm in texting or phoning to say how much you enjoyed it. Tapi kalau it didnt work out, jgn la back out terus...sian owang tu tau. ckp la elok2 yer.

Pastu the rest is history...pepandai la bawak diri yer cemana nak maintain it and bring it to the next level when u r ready. Ai tunggu card jer dari korang heheee...Gud Luck!!


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  1. in a relationship ready..but to the next step not yet...hehe


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