Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sometimes.....Back To Work

Wahhhh setelah hampir 1 tahun duk rehat kat umah buat keje rumah jer, pastu tetiba kena keluar buat keje light-light, tetiba rasa tak larat & kepenatan 2 hari hihihihi. Ok, i may need to work once a week or twice a month or once a month hahaha. sekurang2nya i can still catch up with the outdoor hectic day ahaks.

What exactly am i doing sampai rasa nak pengsan 2hari? Separuh hari bertapa kat Glenmarie Cove, and luckily we finish it before the dawn. Our 1st experience and there is good and bad about it. All in all, good experience. Hope it will worth our time...hehee. So enjoy ths sneak peek. Still cant reveal it because not yet confirmed...

temoknya ai

"whatelse u can do?"


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