Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What To Expect When U Deliver Baby

To New Mommies and Existing Mommies, do u aware there are so many complications could happen during delivery? Bukan suma orang dan bukan suma kelahiran & kandungan akan berjalan dengan lancar yer. Jangan la jadi orang ulu sangat duk kata orang yang ada masalah kelahiran atau kandungan tu sebab dia banyak dosa. Astaqfirullah, cermin diri anda dulu..adakah korg2 tu sangat suci sampai takkan ada dpt dugaan hebat macam ni? Jadi jaga2 la mulot tu, kang jadi doa tuk diri sendiri plak. hihihihi apa ai merepek ni.

Come, lets see wat we r talking about here.

Preterm Labor - Kelahiran pra-matang. Why it happen & how it happen? Kelahiran below 37weeks considered as prem delivery. Apa yang masalahnya lahir awal pun, it mostly impact on immaturity of respiratory tree and other organs too. Punca sebenar adalah unknown, tapi there are 2 reasons might be associated. either with detectable intrauterine infection or placental abruption. It happenn to me during my 1st pregnancy, water bag broke on my 24weeks with placenta previa, so i had to deliver the baby. For my case, doctor associate it with placental abruption because we do have placenta problem when we r taking it out.

Breech -Breech babies can present in a variety of ways, including buttocks first, one leg or both legs first. Frank breech means the buttocks are presenting and the legs are up along the fetal chest. This is the safest position for breech delivery. If either foot is presenting ("footling breech"), there are increased risks of umbilical cord prolapse and delivery of the feet through an incompletely dilated cervix, leading to arm or head entrapment.

Because of the risks of breech delivery, most or all breech babies are born by cesarean section. In operational settings, cesarean section may not be available or may be more dangerous than performing a vaginal breech delivery. Takutnya...takyah la banak normal, czer jer. Kalau anak kecik mcm ai punya dulu less than 600g takper la breech pun blh kuar..tecik jer.

Prolonged Latent Phase - Latent phase labor ni tuk yg dlm keadaan sakit lebih 20jam bagi 1st baby atau lebih 14jam bagi yg bukan nak kuarkan anak pertama. Oih 20jam kau mesti la dah hilang tenaga kan and it could increased risk of uterine infection (chorioamnionitis). No single treatment of prolonged latent phase will necessarily be successful in nudging the patient into active phase labor, but each of the following have been successful in many patients: Rest, Ambulation,Hydration, Analgesia, Oxytocin stimulation. Berdoa lah banyak2 it could help active labor n quickly deliver baby. Or else, czer lagi la jawabnya.

Prolapsed Umbical Cord - If a portion of the umbilical cord comes out of the cervix or vulva ahead of the fetus, this is called a prolapsed umbilical cord. This can be a big problem for the fetus if the cord is compressed, blocking the flow of blood to the baby. Deliver cecepat adalah cara terbaekk. If immediate delivery is not available, put the mother in the knee-chest position and use your hand in her vagina to elevate the fetal head back up into the uterus. This action may relieve enough pressure on the umbilical cord that oxygen can still get through to the baby. Transport the mother in the knee-chest position and you with your hand elevating the fetal presenting part to the nearest facility in which immediate delivery is possible. Czer laaaagi.

Tapi boleh try nakk normal delivery macam kat bawah2 ni. Eiii tatutnyaaa.

Umbilical Cord Around the Neck -This is a frequent occurrence during delivery. Nearly half of babies have the umbilical cord wrapped around something (neck, shoulder, arm, etc.), and this generally poses no particular problem for them. In a few cases, the cord will be wrapped so tightly around the baby's neck (after delivery of the head but before the shoulders are delivered) that you cannot get the rest of the baby out without risk of tearing the umbilical cord. Apo lagi..czer lagi

Retained Placenta - After delivery of the baby, the placenta will detach from the inside of the uterus and will be expelled, often with additional pushing efforts by the mother. Normally this occurs within a few minutes of delivery of the baby, but may take as long as an hour. Often after about 30 minutes of waiting, a manual removal of the placenta is undertaken.Oh yeah, for my case before, takde bius2 yer...seluk ajer guna tangan doctor yg beso tu..seluk dalam2 nak kasi kuar bersih2 sampai dia confirmed dah habis kuar suma.

Manyak lagi ni...tapi sebab heavy benar kita sambung next entry lain hari lah. nengok korang kantuk2 jer baca hahaha.


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